Artist Statement

          I am home. Traveling through the labyrinth within my mind; a haunted house fullof whispers and shadows. I am home. Long corridors and locked doors. Crawlspaces created by the things I wish I could forget. I am home. Curtains with nowindows behind them, a phone with no receiving end, doors that lead to nowhere.I am home. Father. Mother. Sister. I am home. I am home.
         Whatis home? A place, a person, a feeling? Our consciousness is ahome, and our memories are the rooms within it. We constantly travel throughdoors and passages within our minds, entering past realities and alternaterealities. My current sculpture and installation work is about revisitingdomestic spaces, recontextualizing my own experiences, and reflecting on familytrauma. By manipulating everyday objects and symbols, I aim to create worldsthat are both uncannily intimate and alien to our reality. My work is meant tosettle in the place where both meet, allowing childhood to come face-to-facewith current experiences. 

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